I caught the travel bug early in life and it has been my lifelong quest to see as many places as possible.  I am fortunate that my day job as a traveling lab tech allows me to follow this dream of mine.  I have had my travel position for 4 years and my current quest is to see all 50 states and 30 Major League Baseball ballparks.  The only states I have yet to see are Alaska, Arkansas and North Dakota.  There are 14 ballparks still left for me to see.  Fenway Park will always be my favorite, but I very much enjoyed Camden Yards, Wrigley Field and Busch Stadium.  I can’t escape feeling like a little kid every time I go to any ballpark though.

As I go through my journey, I enjoy sharing and I hope that you enjoy coming along on some of my adventures with me.  I will eventually make my way back to my beloved home state of Maine, but until then, as long as I have a camera I’m happy.

For further blogs posts by me, please visit http://www.headoverkeel.commisc2012 066


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