Heading south again…

Maine winters are hard.  I don’t like them at all and this year has been no exception.  I put up with them because the rest of the year is so great; my favorite being summer.  So when a friend from high school invited me to visit her for a long weekend in Savannah, I  jumped all over it.   I was ready for sun and warm weather-which I got!

I got off work that morning and went home for a quick nap-since I was sure I wouldn’t be getting much sleep that day.  As it turns out, I didn’t.  I went straight to the airport and off I went.  Once there, it was great to see my friend!  The fun thing about her and I is that we’ve visited each other in multiple states and at least 2 countries.  We went out to dinner at a great brewery called Moon River.  We then went to a music festival called the A-town Get Down and saw a band named Cracker.  It was a VERY late night for me and I was exhausted-not that it meant I went to bed early!

The next day involved a trip to Bonaventure Cemetery.  It is beautiful and very popular for tours.  It was used in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”  The statue of the girl from the book/movie is no longer there, but plenty of beautiful and oddly creepy things are there to see.  Savannah is soaked in lore, ghost stories and history.  There is no way to see it all in one weekend.

We then went to try some of Savannah’s famous pizza and check out “Lady and Sons” restaurant, that Paula Deen owns.  We drove around looking at the beautiful houses and we topped the evening off with a hearse ghost tour.  It was pretty interesting, but I think next time I will opt for a walking ghost tour.

Sadly, my time there was pretty short, but I do hope to return soon.