Forgotten beauty close by

I recently took a trip to New Hampshire; visiting the same resort as last year at this time to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  We have decided that this needs to be our tradition-for good reason.  The hotel is beautiful and we never run out of things to do.  The service is great and we have met some wonderful people there.  If I had my way, I’d be there once every couple of months, but that won’t be in the budget unless I win the Powerball.  So, once again, we had a great time, including some time in their Tower Spa tub on the 5th floor with 360 degree views of the White Mountains.  It was breath taking-not only the view but to climb all those stairs.  The Mountain View Grand may have the oldest elevator in NH, but it is not convenient to use, nor does it go up to the spa.  It was well worth it though.  After we checked out for the weekend, it was still a great trip.  We decided to take a longer way home and I had forgotten how beautiful NH is.  The raw landscape and how it can still surprise me despite how many times I have been there.  We stopped by a couple of waterfalls, drove by a closed area for hiker-which made me miss hiking season that much more.  I finally saw the Mount Washington Omni as well-that was quite impressive.  And the backdrop was more beautiful than I can find the words for.   I urge people to not discount the things in their backyard.  It can certainly be well worth it!