The Cubbies!

In light of the current World Series, I thought it would be appropriate to speak of my time in Chicago.  I was working in Michigan at the time and took the train over to Chicago.  I have always loved traveling by train and in the midwest, it’s a fairly easy way to travel.  I am the kind of person that packs in as much as I can in a trip to see as much as possible.  Sometimes that doesn’t work in my favor because I just try to do too much, but I figure it will all work out.  I had bought the City Pass (which I have in a couple of other cities-VERY worth the money.) to maximize my trip.  I started out my day at the Shedd Aquarium.  I do love to see the penguins, dolphins and otters especially.


chicago-008 chicago-013

My next stop was at the WIllis (Sears) Tower and I had to go see the room where you can stand on a glass floor and look down about 1200 feet to the ground below.  I didn’t have any issues with, but I am sure there were plenty of people that did!

chicago-059 chicago-062

I then decided to go back to my hotel and get ready for my fancy steak dinner at Don Shula’s steakhouse.  I wasn’t at all expecting to have 3 waiters and once and I have never paid so much for a steak; but it was SO worth it.  My after dinner treat was to go to the top of the Hancock building to see the lights of Chicago at night.  It was quite beautiful.

chicago-067 chicago-068

The next morning, of course, I had to fit in a tour of a ballpark-Wrigley Field!  It was my first time there and I was very excited to see it.  I was with a fairly large tour group and it ended with a marriage proposal to one of the people in the group.

chicago-075 chicago-084 chicago-093

To finish up my tour of Chicago, I went to Adler Planetarium,  which I was over the moon for!  Haha.  Then over to the Field Museum.  I saw Sue, the famous T-Rex.  I also learned the the Field museum has been used in many movies.  Chicago has so much to offer and I have returned a couple of times, but look forward to my next visit,

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