More ramblings….

I experience simple moments and simple pleasures.  In my opinion, life is about finding them, whatever they happen to be.  I have always said that I am not one to buy shoes or purses, but choose to spend my time and money on adventure in whichever form I enjoy.   The simple truths in life that I adhere to are: 1. being near or on the water brings me a kind of peace that is good for me 2. Travel is a nourishment to my soul.  There are very few things that can give me the joy that I feel when I experience a new place.  3. Kindness and positivity are far better ways to exert my energy than a bad attitude ever could be.  I have had many people tell me that my smile is what they remember about me.  It takes more effort to be negative or mean and I just don’t think that is productive.  People tend to respond to kindness.  I have found that the quickest way to disarm someone is by giving them a genuine smile and making them feel that they are very important to you in the moment you are with them.  I think it’s amazing that a simple smile can sometimes turn a whole day around for someone.