The glory of a Maine summer

Spring and summer in New England are the only reason that I even put up with winter.  I am of the mindset that you can only pick one season to complain about, so I choose winter.  I was recently reading something on a Facebook group that I belong to and It just reminded me how many people love this great state that I call home.  I have met many people in my travels that tell me how much they love Maine or how much they want to visit.  I never realized when I was growing up how big a deal it was that I grew up on Mt. Desert Island and all her glory.  MDI has it all: seashore, mountains, forest, ponds and Acadia National Park.  I spent many summers working in Bar Harbor wishing I could get away from all the tourists.  Now that I am away, I do love visiting, but it is also a bit sad to see some of the things of my childhood gone.  I think that is inevitable for anywhere though.
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I am lucky that I will be getting another position in Maine and will be spending the remainder of the summer in the place that I always want to spend summers.  I have taken advantage of the New England spring so far!  I spent a weekend with friends visiting some places that I never knew about, but so glad my friends did.  We visited Quechee Gorge, which is Vermont’s deepest gorge and also the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park.  It was beautiful!  We spent time in Woodstock, VT and Hanover, NH; where I hoped beyond hope that I would see some thru hikers.  It was still too early in the season, but I went to one of the trail crossings to check it out anyway.  We ended the weekend at Fenway Park with a game against the Orioles, whom I had never seen at Fenway.  It was a great game-the Sox lost, but I still had a wonderful time.  I probably wouldn’t have cared anyway because right before the game I met one of my favorite retired players, Tim Wakefield.  I was so star struck that it took an enormous effort to construct a coherent sentence.  He was a very kind and down to earth guy though.
So now, the summer is about halfway done and I’m hoping for more Appalachian Trail adventures and some great weather to enjoy them in!