And in another country….

I recently took a trip to Quebec City to finally say I had been there.  I have wanted to go for quite some time and any excuse to bust out my very rusty high school French is good with me.  I went up for one day and stayed at a beautiful place in the old part of the city called Hotel Manoir Victoria.  I felt almost instantly like I was in Europe; even while I was driving into the city.  All the signs are in French, which I am usually not too bad with, but when you’re driving 60 miles an hour, looking out for all the crazy lane changers and listening to your GPS, translating a sign becomes infinitely harder.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to hand my car keys over to the valet as soon as I got to the hotel.  It’s a beautiful, historic building just inside the fortification.  I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks before my trip that Quebec City is the oldest walled city in North America.  French is also still the first language to most people there and it’s about 70% residential.

Once at the hotel, I went to my charming, 5th floor room with a beautiful view of the city.  I had decided to book one the city tours and am so glad that I booked a bus tour as it was off and on snowing/raining and just all around dreary.  I wouldn’t have been too happy to be walking around in that mess.  The tour included some of the most famous and old hotels. churches, French architecture and history galore.  We saw  Place Royale, Plains of Abraham, the outside of the Citadel and all kinds of cute shops and houses.  I was sorry to say that I only had one day in that city and look forward to a return trip.

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