Baseball is back!

It’s a good time of year when I can say that baseball season has started again.  I look forward to it every year and always harbor fantasies of going to spring training.  Somehow I just haven’t been able to have that happen yet, but I still have it in my mind.  I do however still keep my annual tradition alive of going to a game on Jackie Robinson Day-April 15th.  All of baseball celebrates that historic day: April 15,1947.  This past year I was again lucky enough to go with my Dad to Fenway Park.  They played the Toronto Blue Jay and they gave us a victory.  This is big because every other time that my Dad and I have gone to a game, it’s always a loss for the Red Sox.  I was so happy that bad luck streak had finally ended!  The weather was nice and I always love a trip that involves a train ride.  One of the best things about that day is that I unexpectedly saw one of my favorite retired players: Tim Wakefield.  I was busy watching something else and he just appeared on the field.  I was totally starstruck and despite having my camera in my hand, I wasn’t about to think straight long enough to get a picture.  It does amaze me that I can be reduced to that behavior even as an adult!  I guess we all have our weaknesses!