Arkansas…oh Arkansas!

I completed the number one thing on my bucket list at the end of January 2016!  The last state I had left to see was Arkansas.  A little anti-climactic, I know-I mean, I really should have ended with something a bit more exciting, but I am still thrilled for the completion!  Without this traveling job of mine, I can say that it would have taken a lot longer, so I am even more grateful that I was about to accomplish this.


Why was I in Arkansas besides the obvious?  Well, I have wanted to go to Branson, MO for years.  My grandparents enjoyed it there and I am fascinated with Titanic history.  There is a Titanic museum there that has a life-sized replica of the Grand Staircase and you can walk on it.  To be honest, once you stand next to it, it’s overwhelming.  It made me think of all the people who were on that glorious ship and what a sad story most of them had.  The museum is quite amazing-no photography allowed inside and they make you turn off your cell phone, but such a wonderful place to visit,  I think I easily spent about 3.5 hours in there just looking at all the artifacts and pictures.  Admittedly, you need to be a big history nerd in order to appreciate it, but still very informative.

IMG_5144 IMG_5145

Also, during that long weekend trip, I stopped in a small town called Wamego, KS to go see the Oz Museum.  Make all the Kansas/OZ jokes you want, but this museum is very cool.  They had so much memorabilia and interesting facts, that I think even the most avid Wizard of Oz fan would be impressed.  It is set up like you started in Kansas and walked through Oz meeting characters along the journey.  They even have a constantly running loop of the original movie.  Also included is information about the books, The Wiz, Return to Oz and other books not written by Baum.  Totally worth the 10 mile detour off of I-70.

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