The annual tradition

It is no secret that baseball is a way of life for me and the Red Sox are my team.  They always have been.  I instinctively knew from the beginning that they were my team-even before I really understood baseball.  I grew up playing t-ball, my Dad was one of my coaches and I always loved playing catch with him.  I admit, I went through a phase when I got lost and had to find my way back to the game, but now, I am here to stay.

A tradition that I started is that I will see a game on Jackie Robinson Day; April 15th.  It doesn’t have to be at Fenway and in fact, this year is the first time I will see my beloved Red Sox at home on that day.  My first game was in 2013 in Cincinnati with the Reds playing the Phillies.  I had spent the day exploring the museums of Cincy and seeing its’ charms.  I was working in Carrollton, KY at the time and that was only about an hour south.  The day was beautiful and I took a tour of the park, The Great American Ballpark prior to the game.  I saw the steamboat they have parked near the stadium and the place where Pete Rose hit his longest hit.  I was in heaven because baseball season was again upon me.  I even was able to see a former Red Sox player pitch-Bronson Arroyo.  It was a great game that the Reds graciously won for the home crowd.

In 2014, I was working in Dowagiac, MI and was able to go over to Chicago to see the Red Sox vs. the White Sox at US Cellular field.  In this instance, you really had to love baseball and want to be there because the temps were so low that even I spent part of the game warming up in the bathroom and contemplated buying a White Sox blanket.  Batting practice didn’t happen because it was too cold outside and I don’t think the temperature ever got above 30 degrees.  The Red Sox lost and for the first time in my life, I was glad not to have extra innings.

Next week, I will be at Fenway Park to see the Sox play the Nationals and hoping that Mother Nature has put spring in the forecast.  It was a rough New England winter, with many people wondering if the snow would be melted in time.  I saw pictures even a month or so ago that had snow piles over the right field wall!  So, if my Dad and I will be buying beer or hot chocolate, I can’t say, but I can’t wait to again be part of the Fenway faithful!